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I dedicate this book to Her.

I’ve always loved writing, albeit stories, poems or songs. I’ve always enjoyed putting my thoughts on a page in a creative and imaginative way.

When I found out I was having a baby girl, I was taken aback at first. I had convinced myself for some strange reason that I was having a boy! I always thought it cool to have a son first, but this was just another way of God showing me who is in control. I was filled with joy but also hit by a hidden sense of dread. Am I really able to raise a baby girl? Girls are complex creatures, fragile yet strong and could, if given the right tools create such an amazing impact in the world they live in. I grew up surrounded by strong women who played a role in moulding me, uplifting me and sometimes unfortunately even breaking me. My experiences as a young girl is what brought this small sense of dread of becoming a 'girl mum'.

As I have been watching my daughter grow, I can’t help but see how we are truly created in the image of God. I see His light shine through her so brightly and it is simply phenomenal! As she has gotten more self aware, I’ve noticed how full of confidence she is and how much love of self she holds. I have also noticed and felt the responsibility of enhancing and developing that self-confidence. There's so much out there about developing your babies speech, motor skills, cognitive skills etc. but not much out there about developing their sense of worth.

I began thinking of a way I could instil in my daughter a sense of worth and love from a very young age. I mean it is never too early to teach good! The story came to me one day during our play sessions. I simply examined my daughter and told her the words that would later form into the book.

Fast forward to a year later (yes it took me a year to get illustrated, printed, and published - I will be posting about the actual process some time after this.) and watching her face light up as I read her the book is absolutely priceless.

Working with children for over a decade now also helped me see the importance of a story like 'My Big Brown Eyes' and why so many little girls need to read or be read a story like it. It aims to show young black girls how beautiful they are. It celebrates the natural beauty of a black female and allows them to take pride in themselves from a very young age. In this day and age when everything and everyone is judged by the shiny filter on their posed picture; I believe now more than ever do we as adults need to be very mindful of the development of our Little One's self worth, image and of course self-love.

'My Big Brown Eyes' is dedicated to all the beautiful golden girls throughout the world. May you always shine bright, never forgetting who you are and the magic and power that is within you!

All my love,

Cauline xx


Beautifully written! I resonate a lot with your feelings about self-image. I am raising two girls myself. Well done.

Cauline Grant
Cauline Grant
Jul 12, 2021
Replying to

Thanks hun! N well done to you too xxx

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