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Honestly loved your book,  simple yet effective. Being a mama to two blacks girls having books of representation is so important. My Big Brown Eyes was an easy read yet a strong reminder on every page of our beauty as black people, I know as I continue to read these words of affirmation to her, it will contribute to her self love and acceptance of whom she is without doubt or question.

Danielle Thomas

This short story has been carefully pieced together to motivate, inspire, and entertain your little ones. It is guaranteed to help develop a strong sense of self-love, self awareness and self appreciation in your little ones and is perfect for teaching your little ones how to love themselves as they are.

Noir Tales

In this day and age it still proves difficult to find children stories with equal representation. I loved reading My Big Brown Eyes with my daughter as everything in the book highlights some of the things that make our children that much special. I am very big on positive affirmations and this is totally inline with everything we preach. Keke (my daughter) always has a smile on her face when we read the book together and pretty much knows it off by heart now. My Big Brown Eyes is written clearly and the illustrations are perfect for young children to identify with. Big well done and we cannot wait for your next release.

Winging it at motherhood

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